Thursday, March 5, 2009

real recognize real.

Nivea seems like she is not in a sober state of mind.

This video makes me like her bc:
-- she's REAL and I respect that.
-- she's so cute & i like her ghetto tri-color weave she got going on.
-- she doesn't seem too take herself too seriously.
-- i love her little country/southern accent!
-- it seems like she doesn't BEYONCE put herself on a BEYONCE pedestal like some of these other BEYONCE celebs. *cough* BEYONCE *cough*

*** 5:26-6:00 = HILARIOUS!!!!
.. Anybody know what kind of phone that is?? I want it. (Linkage plz if you find it)

1 comment:

supreme. said...

i can't stand beyonce's ole stankin' ass.