Monday, March 2, 2009

pat your weave ladies.

I'm not really a weave girl! Every now and then (maybe 3x a year) I might put like 3 tracks in just for the hell of it but you will never see me with a full 27 piece with blonde and red highlights. Or a 42 inch ponytail hanging off the back of my head. And if ever you do I want you to smack the shit out of me and say "BITCH, PLEASE!"

I feel like it's a dependency and alot of females who do the weave thing start to feel uncomfortable with their own hair. Plus it's the best when guys massage and play in my hair OMG I could fall in love with someone for giving me a good head massage. It's all G though, because I can appreciate when someone has a good weave and, like I said, I get my weave on every now and then too.

***This shit right here is crazy though.. Ol' girl got SAVED by her weave!

"I been wearing it for years, and I invested alot of money in this weave and it saved my life."
-- Really, how much could you have invested in that synthetic red mess?

-- And SHE'S 20?! Ummm....... *blank stare* If she's 20, I'm 12.

But shit she's lucky, I bet she had a motel party and drank hella MD 20/20, Alize, $2 personal bottles of Henny and smoked some L's for her 21st. Just sayin!


supreme. said...

i've never had tracks, i did do the ponytail thing for prom, but i get my braid on every spring mostly & i usually have my own hair out.

Hollywood Nicky said...

I heard about this!
That shit is crazy!