Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I donated blood today. *Pats myself on the back*
My school had a blood drive and there was a $15 gas card in it for me so I decided to donate.

I smoked yesterday. *Gives myself a spanking*
I really think I'm gonna quit for real, or learn how to smoke moderately. I was talking to my mom earlier and she was telling me that I probably go nuts because I'm smoking too much at one time. WHATEVER! I'm gonna try to like not stand in the cyph the whole time and tap out earlier or something because I be getting high as HELL!

-- My mommy drives my car back up in 9 dayss!!! It's been in NC with her because when I went to visit her for winter break I couldnt drive it back up by myself. So her and her bf are driving it up for me.

-- Spring break is in one week and I have no plans as of yet and hopefully the snow will be melted.

-- The boys at my school are so WACK!

-- I peeled my cool design off my nails last night when I was high.

-- And knocked the shit out of my head with my finger and now I have a bruise. (All while being high also)

Oh well!

Weekly obsessions (no confessions) for the week of february 23, 2009-march 2, 2009:


- United States of Tara

- Hot Chocolate

- Bantu knots (I wanna try it but my hair is realllllyyyy straight and ehh idk)

- Morethanablog (This isn't just a weekly obsession though, I've been subscribed to his blog. He's hilarious)


Unbreakable said...

Well its good to donate blood, congrats on that, On the smoking issue its not a cute thing, its not healthy yes I know you have herd this like a million time before, as for me dating a girl smoking is def nooooooo, if i am looking at for and all is well your personality is great and then you pop one to start smoke I am like out. I would never date a girl that smokes and I know allot of guys who won’t either.

I know it’s hard to quit but try your best.

I just had a hot chocolate also yaaaaah

Unbreakable said...

LOL Well that's your assessment of it that's great, but i do think its not healthy for your lungs.or as your said maybe it actually is!