Saturday, March 7, 2009

brighten up my days.

If you know anything about me, Aliyah. You'd know:
1. I love kids.
2. I'm a fat girl & I love chicken nuggets with bbq sauce from Mickey D's.
3. I love toys & I'm very much still a kid myself.

So, of course I had to go to McDonald's today to get my Littlest Pet Shop Happy Meal (just like I had to get my 3 Hello Kitty watch Happy Meals) =]

But as I'm sitting down, about to eat my 4 pc nuggets & see which pet I got [I wanted the squirrel] I see two, maybe, 6 yr old girls eating with another girl about my age.

They were clearly twins and it looked like their babysitter had picked them up from school. One seemed to be the more outgoing one, while the other looked more shy. And the more talkative one is playing with her toy when I notice that the quieter one didn't have a toy and there was only one Happy Meal box on the table.

SO, I gave the little cutie pie my pet. (The cat) And she looked SOOO excited. She came back to my table to say thank you and I could hear her little voice saying to her sister "Now we don't have to share! We both have one!" I actually teared up. I may be a bitch to everybody else lol but I LOVEEEEE KIDSSSSS! I have the biggest soft spot for them. =]

Good deed for the day is done! *SIGH* Now... off to putting bleach in people's laundry! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!


[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

lol, it's like one of those pseudo-inspirational mcdonalds commercials they try to run every couple of months, ony this has actual emotional appeal. plus i love kids too, only when i say that it's almost ALWAYS taken the wrong way. which, in turn, disturbs me to no apparent end.

lalallaliyah said...

lmfao! yes i understand. sometimes i'm like "I REALLLYYY LOVE KIDS! I can't wait to be a teacher!" and then I have to withhold some of the excitement on my face because I know that could be taken completely out of context.

s a s h a said...

aww so sweet. sad
my job made me hate ...well dislike those helians people call children lol

not all but some.

That was nice of you to give em your toy :]
I just take it from my job and fling round the subway hehe