Saturday, March 7, 2009

ho hum.

It's 6:11am and I'm so tired but I just got really into this episode of Law & Order SVU so I have to watch this hour long show before I go to sleep.

I really wanna drink the rest of my orange soda but that's definitely a NO-NO because it's too late for that.

I painted my nails a bomb ass fuschia color (by request of my high-all-the-time, cross the hall neighbor, Mally G). He came knocking at my door at 4:55am and I opened it for the hell of it. But this nigga definitely overstayed his welcome. He was obviously high or drunk or something and he kept making off-the-wall comments. Nothing negative, just weird.

I'm gonna go to the gym tmrw and get back on track with my diet/exercise.

OH! I tried the bantu knots (google it) and they came out really cute. Maybe I'll post pics if I take some when I wake back up.

5 daysss!!!
-mommy + her bf bruce will be coming to visit from nc with my car.
-+ spring break!

I don't have any plans yet. I was supposed to go to Miami in the end of Feb and my friend Tangier wants to go to Miami in April but I can't just take numerous days off of school. I'm really trying to get good grades this semester so I can transfer already!

Ugh, I should be sleeping >=[

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