Monday, February 16, 2009

weekly obsessions and confessions

For the week of february 9, 2009-february 15, 2009:

- Reading people's '25 Things' on facebook.

- pepsi

- saying the word "just cuz you..." before random things that have nothing to do with the statement someone just said to prove them wrong. (I spent the wknd with my lil cousins & got it from them)

EX. A friend who has blonde weave claims that it's gonna get to 40 degrees later, you say, "Just cuz you gotta blonde weave doesn't mean that it's gonna be 40 degrees today."

It's mad random but it's HILARIOUS when people say it.. just not too much because it's not funny anymore and it becomes really predictable.

- Stride Forever Fruit gum

- my Remmington T|Studio Collection 1" Flat Iron (it's really the best one I've ever had)

- I want to get a colon cleanse so I can start a strict diet with a clean slate.

- I ignore more calls than I actually pick up. I HATE having bullshit 'small talk' conversation on the phone.


A.R. said...

pepsi is the shit, no lie; especially when you open a new bottle and you drink it, then it burns your throat a little bit, lol.

[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

i do that too, only a bit more random cuz i say the most unrelated shit i can think of.
didn't usher get a colon cleanser on tv a few years back?? if not, i need help. pseudo-memories like that can't be normal.

lalallaliyah said...

LMFAO @ "pseudo-memories." idk but i heard you can lose up to 10 pounds in excess waste and like bullshit in your body.

lalallaliyah said...

Adina -- i am such the opposite. i like when it's flat a little bit >=]

[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...