Thursday, February 12, 2009

now that's a bad bisshhh...

Disclaimer: I'm uber comfortable with my sexuality and I love penis =]

With that being said I'd love to bone.... bwahahahhaaa:

Zoe Kravitz, she is "hot to defff" and all you niggaz was sleeping on her when she first popped up cuz she didn't have a weave. SMH.. fuck ALLLATTT hot with weave; hot without.

Swagga on 100,000,000,000,000,000,000:

Solange Knowles.. need I say more?

The ideal freak:

Nicki Minaj. OWW! (Had this been 10 years ago the answer def. would've been:

Lil Kim


Lisa Raye. Wait.. Does she even have kids? I don't know but she's old so... she falls in the MILF category.

YT girl crush:

Lindsay Lohan. (PRE-Sam Ronson, PRE-Rehab, PRE-looking like a life-sized, white gummy worm.. aka like 2 yrs. ago)

WHAM, BAM, Thank you ma'am./Best booooobs:

Teyana Taylor (sans those boots^) got it. But she'd definitely have to leave after it's over because I feel like the next morning I'd wake up and she'd look like this:

Uh... HELL no.

XxX Rated:


Classy ass:

Keri Hilson would def. 'Turn Me On'.

And I'm gonna leave you with a e-"no homo" but think what you want, idgaf *evil laugh* lolll ;]


[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

ooo you've got good taste!!
LMAO @ teyana taylor. that'd throw me off too. don't wanna wake up in the morning and she's tryin on my polos and shit.

MsFlyGirl said...

I dont know about Lindsey Lohan, i dont really do pinky toes, solange, i pass. everyone else, thumbs up

Nata. said...

OMG...I love ur personality. This post is funny.

Kelly said...

Ew pinkyyy is ugly!...Allie aka Allieincredible is BETTER!! :) :)