Saturday, February 28, 2009

saturday night fever.

my boo adina posted the video to my jammyjam "Blame It" -- Jamie Foxx here.

This is my SHITTT!
* You already know my cup be WAYY up in the air when this comes on in the club.
* Why do they have Samuel L. Jackson smoking a L in this video? Smh.
* Since when can you not say "butt" on tv?
* This looks like it was a fun video shoot.
* Can T Pain stop taking the liberty to dance and pop-lock in all his videos? T Pain in motion really bothers me.

I'm REALLY sick for some reason today. =[ Idk what happened. My friends are having a party in the apartments later but I don't even know if I'm gonna go because my throat is fxcked up!

Right now I'm washing clothes and I'm on fbook chat. Last night another nigga from my school hit me up on fbook chat @ 2:47am (as I'm about to take it down) talkin about, "You should come sleep in my room, we could share this blunt and I might give you a shot of this Ciroc."

OK 1. Do not try to lure me into your room with a blunt. I'm not a pothead. ; 2. A shot of Ciroc aint gonna do shit but wet my tounge. The fuck ima do with that?

All in all I told him no and he called me a "maximum stunter." NO NIGGA What would be stunting is me coming to your room to drink your liquor and smoke your weed and only giving you a friendly hug before I leave.

Boy oh boy, us good girls have it bad sometimes.

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supreme. said...

i just realized how much i adore you. & i hope you feel better, bookie.