Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ayyyyyyy! *UPDATED*

uno. my name's aliyah.
dos. i'm twisted and i'm high.
tres. sorry everyone i fell off the (weed) wagon... again.

and i have a story to tell you tmrw...

k I decided to just update this post because what I thought was a story yesterday apparently isn't even a story at all.

I guess it's "normal" to hit your dogs when they're potty trained and pee on your bed.. especially if they're a Pit.

Idk.. I'm still a little iffy about believing that but that's what two of my friends said yesterday.

We went to chill with these dudes last night (one of which my friend is currently talking to) and so I ended up drinking some cranberry & vodkas + smoking some shit that didn't really even get me that high. (Maybe bc I had to repair the dutch bc it was stale as hell and when my friend tried to split it it ripped in half & yadda yaddaa and no one wanted to go to the store again so I had to fix it)

But then the doggy peed on the bed.. it was a 7 month old Pit and the dude go mad so he started punching the doggy!!! I felt so badd! I mean 1st of all.. idk alot about Pits but it was a big dog and I wouldn't fuck with a Pit like that bc it might bite me! And then they're like "you're SUPPOSED to do that so he learns".

Shitt.. the only dog I ever had was a shih tzu (my baby frisco who I got for my 7th bday [RIP]) and obviously you wouldn't punch a little baby doggy like him so idk.. but I was traumatized for a good 5 minutes and I started arguing with the dude bc he's like "NAH he know's better!" and I'm like "Who gives a fuck?! Sheets could get washed! Don't you wash your sheets anyways?!"

Idk.. am I buggin?!

p.s. I saw this vid on like 4 blogs today and it's hilarious and this is exactly how I often feel when I'm high. That's weirddddd!


[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

i'm takin a few days off the stuff, i knew i overdid it when i woke up high. lol that's the scariest shit to me.

Anonymous said...

dont feel bad ; happens to everybody LOL...
i love tha song on ur page