Saturday, January 31, 2009

unconditional love.

There are a total of 3 men that are quite irresistible to me.

1. Trey Songz, he has amazing sex appeal to him, he seems like he's a little cocky, and he has a body that reminds me of the type of boy you and your friends will go watch play basketball at the park after school.

2. Reggie Bush, I love his chocolate complexion, and how his white teeth contrast with it. He has a beautiful "football body" and overall I think he'd be a cool down to earth guy that's prob. really shy.

3. The most IMPORTANT and IRRESISTIBLE man is Kanye Omari West. I don't understand why I love this guy so much. I miss him when he looked and dressed like ^ that up there. But there's nothing I can do about his style change. I am in love with him.

I don't think I can explain how much I admire this man. I admire him almost as much as I do P. Diddy (If udk the story of his come up then google him plz).

And in that pic way at the top he just looks like he wants me to back him against the wall and..... <-- I'll leave that to your imagination.

HOWEVER, my sole purpose of this post was to say how disappointed I am in Kanye's "fans" and hip-hop enthusiasts lately. My main issue is about the criticism that he receives for doing different and out of the box things. I have to say I do not enjoy the fuckin fro-mullet combination he has on his head. But hip-hop deviates from almost every musical genre making it unique in its own, yet people can't seem to see why Kanye isn't sticking to the same style of music. THAT SHIT IS BORING!

I was talking to my friend earlier and he always has so much to say about a man whose music he was once obsessed with. I find that so contradicting. How can you possibly want someone to continue to do the same types of music and sound the same. How would we ever advance musically if people didn't make groundbreaking music to change things up? It pisses me off when people say stuff like that.

All I know is that, without fail I will forever be a fan on Kanye West.

Outtiess. =]

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[Kvn]. said...

kanye is one of my favorite artists, next to jay-z, ludacris, and lupe fiasco. i'm glad we're on the same side of the fence when it comes to his style and its dynamics. i remember when 808s came out i was telling people that it was hot, but i was like "it's not a hip-hop album though". and then they'd say "oh, nevermind". and i'm like "dude, that doesn't mean don't buy it". but kanye minus the hip-hop made 'em stick their fingers in their ears.