Friday, January 30, 2009


I have quit smoking weed for the time being.

I must say that despite the extreme relaxation and euphoria it brings to me... it has the ability to cloud my mind. And if there's anything I need in my life right now it's mind clarity.

I'm still gonna drink like a fish.. because I can. Liquor does little to nothing to me unless I'm drinking in abundance. I can't remember the last time I've had a hangover or gotten sick from drinking liquor.. but I CAN remember what I did the last time I smoked.
1. I felt super paranoid and I always get like that.
2. I thought the dudes we were with were gonna use these big scissors in the garage to cut our body parts off and kill us. (NO LIE)
3. I went to Wendy's and got a #6 (chicken sandwich meal) and then we went back into the drive thru and ordered a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.

That cannot possibly be healthy. I love smoking so much because I love how I feel, I like feeling really nervous and that feeling like something might happen and then it doesn't and I LOVE eating after I'm done and that heavy sleep that I get after I smoke. But I know it's not good for me.

Plus with my two jobs and the A's that I'm trying to get this semester AND my dedication to the gym and losing 20 pounds.. it's just not conducive to my priorities. And plus I don't need substances to make me a fun bitch. I can have an amazing time being completely sober if I want. (I just prefer to have a drink in my hand for social purposes loll)

Me & the homies went to Club Deko in the city for Tang's bday celebration. Despite the fact that my whole school managed to follow us there. I had an alright time watching the drunk/coked up white girls try to dance and some of them tripping and falling in their heels... or the Dipset dudes stunting with their Rose and making it rain on the chick that had the sequined jumper on.

SIDEBAR: Let me add that this chick (sequined jumper girl) had groupie/gold digger written on her face from the jump. She didn't have a state ID and it's NY state rule that you have to have 1 so she paid the bouncer to get in. THEN she stood directly in front of the tables all night (where the bottle service is) for attention. THEN when "My neck, My back" came on she was pussy poppin' RIGHT IN FRONT of the Dipset table. I mean I understand you wanna get your shine on mama but..she had no class. SMH.. some chicks will sell their soul for a buck. (figuratively speaking) But she was very pretty too, and nice bc my friend couldn't get in either and she told which bouncer that my friend should talk to.

Then more of our homies came and bottles =]

And then the Dipset dudes started fighting and eventually the spot got shut down. We met some cool ass ppl on our way back to Jersey, they were from JC and were trying to get back on the Path too but the WTC Path train was down so we all traveled to Christopher together then back until they had to get off @ Journal Sq.

I had a blast and my body is in so much PAINNN from my long day that started at 7am and didn't end until 5am. (AND I went to the gym today too) But it's all good because it was all worth it.

Left to Right: Jai, Me, Vanessa


Left to Right: Tangier, Me, Vanessa

I look crazy in this pic =[

Vanessa & the French guys on the Path.

who's that giiiirrrlll? lalalalala allalalaalaaaa

Over and out.


[Kvn]. said...

damn, you're tryna get on the wagon and i'm looking for the first oppurtunity to fall off. weed, in my case, is like what windex is to glass: when you put it on the glass you can't see too clearly out of it. but once you wipe it clean it's clearer than it was before the windex. i hope i said that right, my analogies can be kinda out there sometimes. as for drinks...i'm not really into alcohol. i literally can't stand the taste. it's odd. what's also odd is how susceptible i am to its effects. i'm like 6-foot 200 flat, and i still get woozy after half a can of 211...ridiculous.

damn...i gotta stop detailing these comments.

Brothers Blog said...

smoking and drinking definitely 2 different beasts. Add the 2 together and there's trouble for me. Add a 3rd element of sex and well let's just say I'm out for the count and also it was a good night. lol

But been job hunting for a while so been sober the last 6 months so no smoking for me. But please enjoy for me. lol

Sean Garrette Lundy said...

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much love,

Rai said...

That's good, huh? lol
Never smoked it, never been curious to either.