Thursday, September 4, 2008


So last night I must say I was in a very VERY mind altering state! We'll just leave it at that...

So my paranoid ASS got all nervous about this man that came in the back with all the smokers on the phone. Mind you, he looked unfamiliar and 'the boys' (cops) were in the front so I was very nervous. So me & my accomplice went back inside so we can EAT! Cuz a bitch was hungry after that.. & we asked for these boys to hold the elevator for us.

Well they did.

And as i'm walking on i hear "... looking just like a juicy peach." In reference to my shirt.

This fool had me laughing SOOO DAMN HARD! Making hella slurping sounds & saying I look like I wanna be bit.

& Then I'm trying not to die because it was like 7 people on the elevator & my claustrophobic ass felt like I could not breathe at all.

Then these muthafuckas started bouncing the elevator (or at least i thought they were) I asked my accomplice like "Why the fuck is this elevator bouncing?" & before she could answer the peach dude is like "Cuz i'm bouncin it." LOL that shit had me dying.

But really, I am claustrophobic. :(

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