Wednesday, August 27, 2008

7 of my current obsessions:

7. McDonalds Sweet Tea. OMG that shit is sooo good. Especially when you put a lil lemon in it! WOOO! Make me wanna slap my momma. (lol I felt the need to put that in.)

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids. (AKA Fish Oil) These pills work wonders for the hair and nails. My nails barely chip now and my hair is growing in much more thick. Lemme tell you, it's the best! Just make sure its a good brand, and preferably organic. I got mine from Trader Joes and they were like $8.

5. I Want To Work for Diddy. ZOMGG! Laverne just tickles me. She/He(?) is hilarious and I really respect her for coming on national TV an exposing herself. Bold move! OOOOWWWWWWW! HOW YOU DOINNNN?

4. My clear bubble umbrella. Since I first saw Mariah with hers in the "Boy I Need You" video with Cam' (at 2:59) a few years back I fell in love with her dang umbrella. Ever since then I've been scouring the stores looking for one (seeing as I don't trust online orders too much). And, just my luck, I FINALLY found my own lil bubble umbrella jammy a few weeks ago @ Target. HEY HEYY! So I'm waiting till I get back to Jersey for a rainy day. ;]

3. My classic black Converse. They never get tired and the more worn in they look the better. I've been wearing these babies out this summer because I've been working with a bunch of highschool kids running around and besides that I haven't been doing too much of anything. Plus, they're perfect to just slip on with anything.

2. Cinderella series, 'nuff said.

1. Twistee shots!!!! These shits are delicious. Find 'em at the likka sto'! They're like $5 for a package of 4 shots but they're bangin! You might have to top them off with a lil extra vodka though because my baby cousin couldn't get tipsy off these, but they're cute and fun and when you're done you can add them to your shot glass collection. (I recommend the blueberry & vanilla)

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