Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I will be beginning the following projects within the next month.

-Remodeling my room. (Incl. massive trash/donations)
- Editing this hideous 2009 page.
- Developing my business plan and garnering information on applicable grants.
- Cleaning out my closet. (I will prob incl. pics, BEWARE.)
- Studying math until I die(/the semester's over) because I missed a test. x_x
- Theming my 365 for the new yr.
- Reacquainting myself with the gym. (These 5 pounds aint gonna lose themselves.)
- Collecting and backing up the passwords to all of my accounts and despamming my email.
..... I could continue this list but that's enough for this month alone.


Trell said...

I wonder how of that list is gonna actually get done!

adina renée. said...

good luck with everything. <3