Monday, September 13, 2010

gravy train.

Just wanted to drop in and update... I can't really complain about anything right now.... Not that I would complain anyways because I feel like positive energy will keep the demons and the situational mishaps out of my life.

The head gasket (?) on my car blew last weekend so I will be getting a new car this week. I really think that it's best for me to definitely get the black cloud that is my car out of my life. My baby has served her purpose and I really can't deal with putting more money into it. At this point I've invested more money in fixing it than I have in actually purchasing it and so I'm fed up.

Further more boobooage + school is on point. After taking my summer classes I have definitely learned how to prioritize and how much doing so benefits me. My time management skills have definitely increased.

I got a new job @ Best Buy Mobile as Sales Lead so I'm making 148% of what I was making @ Claire's. So that's great! The store is brand new so I'm really excited to be one of the first people on the team for this new store. They're sending my ass to MIA for the next 2 wknds so we can do training too. SUHWEEETTTT!

After 3 yrs., I deleted my Facebook because I'm just extra done with that site.

Everything is goody goody gumdrops right now!



adina renee. said...

i read your blog, boo. <3

VonDign said...

me 2..good to see from u lol