Sunday, June 20, 2010

jumpin jahoozaphat.

ORIGINALLY TO BE POSTED: June 19, 2010 @ 8:10pm

- Hate this family and all you dumb people who made these already privileged folks even more famous and wealthy for no reason whatsoever while your asses are still poor.

- Ryan Seacrest is just creepy.

First Sat in a while that I'm off. A movie with boocakes tonight? Putting my new $18 freakum dress to use? All of my roommates are MIA. And I have no actual friends, besides my roommates, in Charlotte. The one girl I met and invited to my home since I've lived here got wasted on the VERY FIRST night she came here and was bragging about Las Vegas and knowing Heidi Montag and trying too hard and offending my other guests; so I gave up on finding friends. And I'm not a "Hey, I'm Aliyah. What's you're name?" type person so... ehh.. I'm a lonely soul. But I'm an only child! I been a lonely soul -- I'm straight.

Maybe Lauren will wanna go out when she gets home.

And... Uhh...

I'm off this.

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