Thursday, March 18, 2010

filling you in.

Just so you know I'm supposed to be reading Turn of the Screw right now. I used to read alot when I was younger but now I feel like I should either be doing something or relaxing instead of reading. Basically, reading is no longer relaxing, it's become a chore.

I have bad cramps right now. I'm kind of feeling very carefree because my cramps are taking over my whole life and it makes me not want to do shit.

I spent $20 ordering Pizza Hut $0.50 wings and chocolate dunkers and I only ate about 1/4 of what I bought. That was an indulgent waste of money. My appetite isnt the same. Idk if it's because I'm getting older but I don't like fast food anymore. It makes me sick. Hamburger patties look like fucking chopped flesh nowadays. Yuck! I wish I had more time and money to make food at home but it's more expensive to buy groceries to cook for one person than it is to just get food out.

I feel like I've met my match and my long term spades partner (boocakes). We spank ass every game and even if we get set twice we pull through and come out on top.
...So much subliminal.

CRAMPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ! *punches the wall*

I just spent an hour on facebook and still didn't finish reading Turn of the Screw. Gayy.

I can never think of things to talk about on here anymore. I've become uninspired. My life is mundane. There's no such thing as a "weekend" anymore. Monday's I open the store @ 9:30am then babysit until 9:30pm. TWTh I'm in school. FSatSun work again. Next week, repeat.

I didn't quit smoking cuz I'm not getting a new car until Jan. LOL! (I bet yall knew that wasn't gonna last.) But I hardly smoke anymore though. I get my cravings but I rarely keep weed around me and since boocakes quit for a while and I refuse to buy my own (we stopped doing those sophomore yr.) I'm only willing to purchase o's and up because buying 10s and 20s is a waste of money. And at this point in my life what do I really need with an oz of green and no one to blow down with? I don't have the time for that and that will just result in either stale ass bud or an over dose. So I'll just stick with getting nugs from mommy and waiting until my nigga gets back in the game.

I need to change my hair or something. I wanna cut it kinda but I'm scared. I am too "tenderheaded" to get braids. WEAVE well............................... it's a thought but.............................. it's NOT REAL and................. I don't HATE it but.................... ehh.

My roommates nigga finished off a bottle of my juice for the 3rd time this week. So you know I had to put somebody in check today, right? Yeah, I'm not the one.

My booty getting fat boyyy :) And I'm keeping the rest of my shit on point. I'm trying to lose maybe 5 more pounds for the summer so back to baby food, fresh fruit, nasty granola bars, soup, agua all day, green tea, blazay blah and most of all the gymmmmmmm :) I don't really have time to go to the gym anymore but after I gained and lost my freshman 15 I refuse to gain it again or surpass 145 so I gotta do what I gotta do and stop being lazy on my off days.

We're supposed to be taking a roadtrip to Jersey in May. I'm trying to buy my baby cousin an itouch for his grad present. He's like my little brother and I just wanna get him something that I know he'll really appreciate. I miss my grandma to pieces too. She is like, my whole life.

That's her facebook pic. (DON'T ASK LOL)

This is becoming an overshare. Goodnight.

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