Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shortage on men.. Ladies pick while you can (via E. Dot DizZy)

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So I'm looking at the numbers of men to women. Women, there is a shortage. Some of you are going to have to share a man. Some of you have to be gay. Some of you are going to have to come to terms with being single forever. Its just facts, not trying to be funny or anything like that. Even though it is funny, in a way. Its more women on earth because of science.. The reproduction has to take place to populate the world. But this aint what the blog about so let me get to the point before yall lose interest..

Women have this attitude like, if you don't like it, I will find someone who will. It isn't more fish in the sea for you, if you want to be serious about it. Some women have the attitude like its more men then women when it isn't. A guy goes through hell and high water just to get a womans attention when it should actually be the other way around. Women want relationships and shit more then men, and its a shortage of men, yet we don't act like it.

Some women pass up men all the time. They just ignore them and go about their business and then complain they get no attention from guys. I admit, some guys are whack as hell. Specially when it comes to approaching women. You have every right to ignore those. If you watch animal planet and see the shit animals do to get attention, you would laugh because we do the same thing. Birds gather the most rocks or flaunt their pretty wings. Byson fight one another and show off their strength by pushing over small trees. Men buy the best clothes and jewls.. Buy the nicest cars.. All that, just to attract a woman. Are we in a jungle or what? Maybe so now that you look at it huh?

We as people feel like we deserve something that we have not proven worthy of. We all think we DESERVE love and a good person to be with. That's not true. A broke ass woman will feel she deserves a man with money. A man to free her from all her worries and troubles. Well, what are you bringing to the table? What makes you feel you deserve that? Cause you feel like you look good and got good pussy? Well every female on the planet has a coochi and depending on who you ask, they all have good looks. Because you gone love him like no one else will? HA, doubt that. Love is love so mark that out of the equation.

With all that rambling said and done, women choose your man as if their aren't many to go around because in fact.. It aint many too go around. You get a man and then leave him for something small like he keep leaving his underwear in the bathroom after he shower, or he isn't good with his hands like your daddy. You have this long list of requirements and expectations, that might be unreachable seeing how your limited to what you may get. Gotta be a certain height, have this much money, have this skin tone, this hair type, dick this long, have to cook, clean, please you and make you happy.. That guy don't exist in real life but nice try. You search and search till you get about 30 and realize this guy don't exist. I mean, you think older women are single by choice? They realized its a shortage on men a little too late. The dating game don't change as you get older. The same shit you go through when your 16 you will go through the same thing when you are 36 when it comes to relationships. If you find something worth keeping, keep it. He might be a lil rough around the edges but you can smooth that out. Gotta jet... Peaaaaaaaaaaace!

Written by: E. Dot DizZy (clickable)

I agree with this 100%. Aside from this alleged shortage, I think alot of females out here don't realize what they have. Coming from someone who's been single for a minute now, I know how hard it is to get to the point where you feel like you have a "good catch" or have found "the one." So ladies, if you feel like you have the right guy, stick with him. It ain't nothing out here in single land so if there's petty issues in your relationship try to work on them and nip them in the bud asap!

The same goes for men too. Although there may not be a shortage of females, there's alot of grimey birds out here that aint about shit! I feel like sometimes dudes get caught up in wanting to have the freedom of being single but at the end of the day single life aint it. There is no better feeling than having a great girl that loves you and knowing you have someone that cares about you and is thinking about you at home.

Good luck to everyone out there that's caked up! :]


Eury said...

I agree, with the both of you... times is hard lol

Trell said...

WOW!! A shortage on men... i needed that laugh...but i will say that females do ask for too really kills me cuz no matter what... females always find a way to say what men dont advice i could give a women is get to know them try actually DATING without the romance and i promise you 3 months tops you will know exactly what you have and what you dont!

ThinkGoHard said...

That's real true out here. But the sad thing is a lot of men know this. That's why there are so many good women in the world and only a couple of good men, on the basic fact that a good man know's that he can find a good woman before a good woman will find another good man. This is why so many women are on their P's and Q's in trying to stalk, watch, and protect their good man/investment from another woman because they know that Good Men are far and few in between. A good man isn't going to go as far as a good woman will to keep a relationship unless he is sold on that being the woman for him. A good woman will try to wife up the first man she see's with a job and no criminal background.


100K said...

my experience being single is that it's a numbers game. I date around and i havent exactly found a woman to completely amaze me. partly because i get bored fast and i dont expect anything from people. It'd be nice to find someone upfront and w/o any motives though.