Sunday, September 6, 2009

update, smutplate.

Let's play 4 Lies and a Truth:

I got 100 on my first quiz.
I got a milli in the bank.
I got a kid on the way.
I got a glock in the closet.
I got a nigga in my bed waiting for me.

...Guess which one is true!

Lol, ok it doesn't take that much guessing! But it'd be great if, for my amusement, you assumed that I had a milli in the bank OR a nigga in the bed. I guess I'll be happy for that one little lonely truth sitting up there, I GOT 100 ON MY FIRST QUIZ, GUYSSS! This is coming from the lady that never gets 100 on ANYTHING! So yes I'm gonna gas this shit up.

But besides all that school's cool, I guess. It's hard because the one year that I decide to focus and not let my social life take over, is the one year that I transfer and don't know a soul (except for my roommates). They're cool though so I kick it with them alot but I need to meet some people on my own, outside of my house because I lowkey feel like eventually they're gonna get on my nerves if I'm around them alot alot. SO! I have to shed my "Fuck other females cuz they aint 'bout shit" attitude if I don't wanna be a social leper.

My mom and I are on bad terms. Chick still thinks that she could talk to me like I'm 12 and it's all G but oooh is she misinformed! So when I was on my way to her house last wk and she started getting outta pocket I told her that I wasn't coming and banged on her 2 miles away from her house. I know it sounds DISRESPECTFUL but I was already frustrated because I was driving around the fucking state for an hour, wasting a quarter tank of gas trying to get to her house and here she is talking to me like I owe her tax... Nahh doggy, I will not be arriving to your house with bells on. But she hasn't spoken to me since. *Shrugs* Do what it do, baby!

Everything else is just coasting by smoothly. The Nigga Survival Kit (liquor and weed) are running low, but I'm living. I'm not even gonna front and say that I won't be repurchasing any weed anytime soon because I'd only be lying to you and me both, but I'm probably gonna wait until I find a job to cop an oz because what I look like dropping about $150 on weed and the 50 count box of dutches and I don't even have a steady paycheck? That's some ignant sheeit!

But shit, we eating over here so it's all gravy until I randomly spend all my money in one night at Urban Outfitters, Kids Foot Locker and Cook Out (cuz they got these good as "cook out trays" where you can get close to 4 things for like $6)! Yall know how it is right?


s a s h a said...

HAHA Nigga Survival Kit.... sheeeet mines is weed and oreo cakesters... set me down with some of that and watch a shorty GET RIGHT!

na but buck it though clear up that stuff with ya moms... I know she not even mad probably waiting for you to call
...btw I got 100 too on my H.W. YAY us

;) LOL

A.R. said...

yeah, my moms does the same thing to me, and i don't think she realizes that i'm fucking 20 and a junior in college, smh.

Schizophrenic Brooklynite said...

For some odd ass reason, I thought you had a Glock in the closet

E-Rich said...

Is it sad I assumed "nigga in the bed"? My personal Nigga Survival Kit is my PSP and some maraguana. And food. I'm hungry as shit.