Thursday, June 4, 2009

miss me with...

  1. Lacefront wigs on regular folk. I was at a fucking track meet today and one of the coaches had on a fucking lacefront! EXCUSE ME, REGULAR ASS LADY, you need to take that shit off! You are not Beyonce, Ciara or... whoever the hell else has a fucking PROFESSIONAL CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST! And so I'll be joining the anti-lacefront movement this year.
  2. Wedges/espadrilles. I don't understand! Those shoes have been out for a loonnnggg time and it's not until 2009 that I see bitches by the tens rocking those ugly things. They're not even all ugly but I see chicks wearing them with the most regular shit! Like plain colored tees from Conway and shit. UGH.. Go home!
  3. People who detest weed smokers but will chain smoke Newports like it's nothing. I will admit that I will RUN from cigarette smoke because that shit gets in my hair and clothes but if you're a cigarette smoker, do you! We all have our vices.
  4. Big chains. Also, at the track meet, I saw about 10 niggas with medallion chains on, a la 50 cent circa 2006. Blasphemy!
  5. Unrealistic self-perception. If I see another barrel shaped female wearing a size small and her lower back and gut is winking at me from the bottom of her shirt, if I see another nigga in highwaters, if I see one ill-shaped person in a two piece, I sware I will killll! Not to say there's anything wrong with anyones size but after about the age of 15, you should know your size. Shit I know I will probably never wear a size small again.. and I deal with it very well.
  6. Grown ass people who still confuse their homonyms. (ex. "THERE shoes are hot.") C'mon nowww! And I also get tired of seeing people use the comparative, than, instead of the chronological term, then. Or when people use the word worsT instead of worsE. OMGG! BREAK THE FUCKING KEYBOARD, PLEASE!


Anonymous said...

ha! soo true!

♥ Kristina ♥ said...


I can't hate on the lace-front weave, if you have money to afford it, do you.

Now I rock my wedges with certain outfits and when I am going to work or out w/ some friends, but I have been wearing my wedges for a minute before '09. But I do understand where you are coming from.

Now the rest....Wow...Gotta agree...Just like I hate those boy capris dudes be wearing. To me it's like wear shorts or jeans, don't do both b/c it looks like you are wearing high water pants.

A.R. said...

lmfao, good shit.