Tuesday, June 2, 2009

guess what iiii did...


I got a tumblr.
It's a little more simple than blogger. But I promise, promise I won't give blogger the step-child treatment. But if you have a tumblr lemme know!

Anyways, I went to Hackensack today to see my cousin go to some niggas prom with him. So I spent some time with my cousins on my father's side and went to see my Nana at the restaurant.

OMFG I almost crashed into a car today, too! I was sooo scared. And I feel like it's some sort of karma because I took the dollar off of the table at the house because I needed to give someone $10 and I only had another dollar in change and they didn't have change.

So it was raining really hard when I was on the parkway and there was alot of traffic but when it finally sped up I start flying down the fast lane, and I'm next to the wall and then the woman in the yellow VW Beetle hits the breaks because traffic stopped and I hydroplaned when I hit my brakes. I panicked because I HAD NO CONTROL OF THE CAR! And I'm really like trying to think of something. 'Do I let off the brakes?, Do I just hold the wheel straight?' Do I step harder on the brakes?' If it wasn't for the traffic that started to move again, I would've definitely hit that Beetle! Or the median. =[ So I'm riding down the highway shaking and thanking God all the way to my Nana's house.

I love the show Fashion Show!!! The only thing that I find weird is that Kelly Rowland is a host. Were they pulling names out of a hat? Isaac Mizrahi is so hilarious too. I miss his talk show that used to come on the style network.

I want Indian food and I haven't had any in like 3 months. It's one of my fav. foods and if you've never had it, expand your taste buds and try it. I'm probably gonna go get some tmrw. And I'm also going thrift store shopping, too.

Anyways, back to watching fashion show and doing booty dances in the mirror. Toodles!


♥ Kristina ♥ said...

LoL to the booty dances in the mirror!

Sorry to hear about you almost getting into an accident, those are definitely not fun whatsoever. got into one last summer...my cousin caused it so not me. thank god you are safe though.

hope you are having fun hanging out with the fam bam!

A.R. said...

hydro planing sucks, my mom & i just release the brake until we gain control again.