Tuesday, May 19, 2009

lights out.

In the past week I've had to:

  • Move out and say goodbye to my friends @ WPU for good because I'm transferring.

  • Deal with the death of my uncle.

  • Deal with my great grandma experience more seizures which put her back in the hospital.

  • Get my car looked @ bc it shakes when I go over 50. (I think I need a motor mount)

  • Grow a year older and once again face my fear of getting older.

God's testing my strength and so far I'm passing but idk how I'll hold up at my uncles wake. I haven't had to deal with the death of a close family member since I was 5 which is a good/bad thing. Good because DUHH! obv. I don't want my family members to die but BAD bc I don't know how to deal with this shit.

P.S. Is it bad to wear a magenta pencil skirt to a funeral? jw.

My back is getting bad bc I drive close to the steering wheel but I arch my lower back/butt towards the seat soo... my lowerback is starting to get fucked up. :( I need to get it fixed bc my back is starting to hurt like I have wild sex all night. Smh.

Somebody Un-Followed me! Now I'm mad, REAL MAD, Joe Jackson. Lol

'Little dick D' called AND txtd me earlier. That nigga got the mean ignore button. Can't he tell:

I will admit I'm kinda excited to go to a new school a eency weency lil bit. I wanna meet some new ppl from a diff. state. And I kinda wanna be close to my mom even though she gets on my FUCKINGG nerves sometimes.

Shit, this post is turning into a personal statement... lol byee!


supreme. said...

lmfao @ little dick d.

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle. I know how it feels to lose a family member. I don't think it's all that bad to wear a magenta pencil skirt to a funeral as long as you look classy and conservative, it should be fine, but your parentals might not agree with it. Idk though, I would wear it if it were me.

Also I definitely have had to send that text more than once in my life.

What school are you transferring to if you don't mind me asking?