Tuesday, March 17, 2009

spring break is not fun.

I really don't think spring break is fun if you don't go away. OR if you don't get paid until the wk after >:[ gRr!!

I'm really bored & I want another jobbbbb.

The day before spring break there was the ONLYY party in the apartments!

And I'm starving & I don't even like fish but that McDonalds fish filet commercial is enticing. (I feel like I talk about McDonalds alot.)

Umm and we're progressing! ;) woooo!


supreme. said...

i just got off spring break...how wack. but who is this boy you're progressing with? =]

Alex said...

ohh i want some mcdonalds...gimme like 3 value chicken sammiches and a large hi-c and i'm a fuckin puppy, i swear. damn i got the munchies now...

[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

whoops, wrong account.

Durty Mo said...

Just stopping by to show much ♥!!
Thanks for following You Know You Dead Azz Wrong