Sunday, March 8, 2009

pump your brakes!

I'm fxckn broke because I just had to get my brakes fixed =[

I'm not LITERALLY broke. But having only $100 for the week of spring break is an uncomfortable amount.

Let's do the math:

If I go to McDonalds 5x and get a happy meal that's: ($4.50 x 5) = $22.5.
(just an estimate)

Put 5 in on 3 blunts: ($5x3) = $15

You figure I'll probably go half on a bottle of vodka (or two): ($10x2) = $20.

I'll probably go to the city at least once so that's $14 for a round trip ticket.

And being realistic I need AT LEAST $50 for miscellaneous expenses and random purchases.

= $121.5

Leaving me with an estimated -$21.5.



Unbreakable said...

Do Mack chicken two day, use one blunt for two days or don't smoke at all,which will save you $15, and with a few mc chicken you will be able to make it through the spring brake on your budget. lol i know that shard i went to get new gym clothes today and it came up to more than 100, so i know exactly how you feel,just try to cut your budget or get some other income

[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

lol, believe in the sauce.

word verification:, rat chic. fashion de-evolution

lalaliybean said...

i have 2 jobs, idk how much more INCOME i can seek! it's really not that bad but it's just that my car had to get a bunch of new stuff to it within the past month.
-new windshield
-back brakes
-some other things that idk but my mom does.

so it had to get fixed before my mom drove it here =[


wow.... i got my brakes fixed $400... wtf! yeah i think maybe dont drink and just smoke that way you'll save the $20. and damn $1.5, i'm sure you got that in change in your car

hope you had fun!