Monday, March 9, 2009


- yes, that is a bathroom pic ^ LOL.
- three days<3 = car + spring break + mommy comes to visit.
- midterms wk. this wk. THANK GOD my classes are all pretty easy. (fuck a challenge, I need A's!)
- I have a secret admirer. I noticed him looking @ me when I went to the gym alone last Fri. but I figured he was just checking me out the way everyone does @ the gym. Apparently he told a dude I work with and now I know. We'll see how this goes.
- sex talk @ our table in the caf. today was... enlightening to say the least.
- my body is so SORE from the gym that I slept all day.

*DIES*! He's mine bxtch. (Adina, I know that pic must make your insides burn, too.)

Over and out.

1 comment:

supreme. said...

that bitch better get off our man.
ole bald ass hoe.