Monday, March 23, 2009

all falls down.

I live a good life but some days just aren't good days.

I'm realizing me and my best friend aren't really even friends at all. I'm try to hold on to a fairweather friend and it hurts me more than the fact that I have to move to NC by August driving a car that just broke down on me today and even TRIPLE A couldn't fix it even after my mother called before she bitched, overwhelming me even more than the 3 hours I sat in my car in 30 degree weather which just didn't seem so bad until my ex called me asking me for the trillionth time, after our one and only heat-of-the-moment mistake encounter in Jan., if I wanted him to "come through" tomorrow before class resulting in me sending him this sweet little IM back:
"jimmy i'm not fucking you. i see where your interest lies and that's really not me at all so i think it'd be in your best interest to find another girl for u to stop by and see whenever you want because i'm not that type, and u should know that."

... As they say, When It Rains, It Pours.
But aren't there flowers out there that don't need rain?


supreme. said...

poor baby. =/

Alex said...

well i can't say i'be been in that situation before, usually when girls hit me up for sex there's no question about it. i have heard about over-pursuant ex-boyfriends before, so i'm sorry about the hassle.

and the best friend thing...i think that's just friends in general with me. like, everyone's cool to a certain, idk where i'm going with this...i'm all 808s-y today.

[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

wrong account again.