Friday, February 27, 2009

there's really only ONE man i need in my life.


I just came back from the gym and it was poppin! I haven't been in like a week and a half and I could feel the difference. I felt more slumpy.

I need a boyfriend that likes the gym so I can go with him and he can like train me & shit. >=[

Also, I think it's really weird that I'm still single because I'm NEVER single. Like I've always had a bf but no one that I talk to right now really strikes me as bf material. The thing is I feel like there's a reason for this...

** SIDEBAR: I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and when things happen I find out that there was a ligit reason as to why. This is partly why I don't stress about alot of things.**

Well I'm supposed to be going to NC (which I hate) soon to live with mommy bc she's obsessed with me and is encouraging me to transfer to UNC because I go to state school that's really... average. And I think when I leave jersey I'm gonna find a prince charming (ew that sounded soooo cheesy LMFAOOO!)

Sike not prince charming, but a good dude.
Jersey niggas really BUG me sometimes.
OH and lemme not forget new york niggas (specifically brooklyn niggas) yall bug me too!
Ha! We'll see.


supreme. said...

um, i'm going to need you to stop liking my baby daddy, kanye, mk?
thanks. <3

Unbreakable said...

I Hope you find your prince charming. i know you have not met all NY dude so how do they all bug you out. sad..