Saturday, February 7, 2009

new edition: weekly obsessions + confessions

I decided that I should add a new element to my page "weekly obsessions + confessions." Because every week it's something new and I have a whole lot of shit to get off of my chest sometimes LOL

For the week of february 2, 2009-february 8, 2009:

-cranberry, apple, raspberry juice

-mandarin oranges

-Every girl -- Lil Wayne + Drake

-Vermont's Original Bag Balm for my lips. (this weather is no joke)

-Burger King breakfast

-gingerbread lattes from Starbucks

-nettie pot to unstuff my nose bc i'm a lil sick.

-Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in 'Spark'

I love porn. I watch it alot. And Pinky is 'that bitch'!

1 comment:

[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

-i dig

-hate those orange cups...the actual fruit is nice though

-never heard the song

-wouldn't know about the weather

-used to have that in kindergarten

-my old history teacher was in love with those

-i'm a double chocolate chip frappucino course

-idk what that is at all

-pinky is BAD. even with extra meat on her...just BAD.

-i'm not quite sure if i'm still high or not, so this letter of reccomendation is so you won't judge the aforementioned words via phrases that i'm typing. i'm gonna stop now. wait. nevermind. um, ok. sorry bout all that