Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mars Merkaba.

What in the HELL?

Erykah Badu made her official announcement to the masses via Twitter (shocker) of the birth of her new baby girl, Mars Merkaba, making this her third child. Her other two children Puma and Seven I'm sure will be happy to have a sister who has a weirder name than them.

I wonder what's with all these famous people and the weird names. I think by the time I have a kid it'll probably be perfectly normal to name my son Nascar Foxington-Popcorn or my daughter Oil Flutey.

What is this world coming to?

More things to question this week:

-Ray J's sell out of a show on VH1.

SMH Ray J this is all I can remember...

- Rick Ross's sell out of a babymomma.

Bitch hype off some Gucci's... But the fur jacket her friend picked out was tightt.

- How the hell did I get sick?

- Why did my school remove the Bravo network from our channels?
How am I supposed to watch Top Chef and The Real Housewives of OC now? SMH!

- What is wrong with my simple-minded generation?

Yeah all that shit is cool *yadda yadda yadda* but really though.. this shit has no substance.

Some things just aren't meant to be understood..

I'm out.

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[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

lol i was thinking along the same lines. i'm naming my kids Lakeview Terrace and Jimmy McSyrupShorts. oooh and i'll be DAMNED if anyone has somethin to say about it.

smh @ ray j. though i can't honestly say i'm too surprised. his career wasn't really goin too far musically. 'sexy can i' was cool. the first 500 times.