Monday, January 26, 2009

somewhere far far away,

in boyfriend land...
there's a 6 ft tall glass of cold CHOCOLATE milk ;
with a shiny, jet black low cut ,
impeccable waves ,
and a brush in his back pocket ;
the streets know him well
as the one that actually got up out of the hood ;
urban thread, suburban bread ,
thick lips covered by a sliver of mustache ,
that proves he is "a man" ,
a heart of gold that many will never know of or see,
but is shown to me ;
bushy eyebrows float above onyx black pools ,
that reveal his soul ;
detests skinny jeans ,
a little sag, not too much ;
strong ,
masculine ,
and built enough to wrap me in his arms ,
where our bodies will connect like puzzle pieces.


Robb Report Rich said...

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mars ™ said...

I'm Mars.

And thaaaattttt, was nice.
I FEEL you! :D

toytoyy said...

oh lord..
i need me one of those.