Saturday, December 6, 2008

The holiday season is here.

So it's time to break out the mistletoe & wrapping paper and $$$.

My Christmas list is always really hard for me to make. But this year I think I've come up with the perfect list.

I want 'Santa' to bring me...

1. A man
2. A hookah
3. An impeccable vibrator (in case I don't get the man I asked for)
4. A MacBook Air
5. A million dollars
6. A time machine so I can return to the beginning of the semester and actually attend class.
7. An Ipod Touch
8. A diet that actually works
9. Clothes, shoes, jewelry.. all of the basics.

I think that's a pretty reasonable list.

I got a tatt.

'amore' = aliyah(me), margaret(gma), ollie(great gma), robin(mommy), elma(nana)

umm what else?
Thanksgiving was quite fun. Me & my family had a blast, you know the bottles were on deck ;] & afterwards I went out with Vanessa to see CC & we blew down with that crew. Thank God I stashed some chicken from my gmas house for me to eat after bc I had the munchies like a muhfucka!

Just got done watching "the Clique" & now I'm downloading music because my playlist needs some TLC.


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