Friday, December 19, 2008

accessories in '09.

I don't want to necessarily add these things to my xmas list because it's not yet the season for the colors. Yet these are some things that I have definitely bookmarked in my "shopping" tab for the spring. I guess I'll do it up with all my xmas "monies" CAN'T WAIT!

1. Kipling Luggage -- Etta 16, $128

I love how big the bag is and if you've never had a Kipling bag, they're very roomy and are made from a good material that is thin but can handle the weight of alot of things. And it also helps that this bag is in my FAVORITEEE color, HOT PINK! =]

2. House of Harlow -- Orange Pyramid Bangle, $68 (OUT OF STOCK)

These bangles are really understated but someone who really pays attention to detail will notice the design and possibly the fact that it's House of Harlow, by Nicole Ritchie. I really like all of the colors but the orange one is beatinn.

3. Nixon Accessories -- The Vega, $60

Nixon Watches are the sheeitt. I didn't even put the color that I want on here because it's a secret lol! I don't want anyone else to know or have it! :-X I also like the Misty and Tribella styles AND the Portrait but that one's a little more sophisticated.

4. Converse -- All Star Chuck Taylors, $45.50

I don't care WHAT shoes come out, ever, these are a no fail. And I think they are the most comfortable shoe ever (next to uggs and Air Max '97's of course) I LOVE chucks. Especially the off-white ones but I won't be busting those out until the spring breaks.

5. Fred Flare -- Color Block Roller Skates, $75

These skates are fuckin awesome! I love skating too. Even though I'm better at roller blading, I've never bust my ass in skates so I think I deserve them. This KIND OF tops my desire for some custom "Louboutin"-esqe roller skates. I told my mom I wanted her to buy me some roller skates that are reminiscent of Christian Louboutin's shoes. I wanted them to have either an all flat or shiny, satin black paint with a RED SOLE! And leopard shoe strings!... yeah.. I'm still waiting on those.

That's about it my friends. Toodles.

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